Solarpop Design is premium global social enterprise dedicated to delivering exceptional and affordable solar lighting and power solution to the world. Light and power play an important role in our lives, and without these basic essentials, you can’t even imagine your life. Our mission is to deliver clean, sustainable light and power to those who need. The sad reality is that more than 1.6 billion people do not have access to electricity, and offering these one-of-a-kind solutions to them can literally change their lifestyle. Can you imagine your life without electricity? Without power? Most of us take these things for granted, and we have taken a step to make a powerful change in this world.
Whether your purpose is to seek an alternative power source for emergency and disaster preparedness, or simply a better way to light your home in day-to-day life in the event of a temporary power outage, we strive to meet the needs of anyone in the world.

About us
About us


We believe that everyone in this world should get access to the basic and fundamental needs such as clean and sustainable lighting. It is not just about fulfilling our livelihood needs; it plays an important role in our safety and education as well. It is still astounding and heartbreaking that more than 1.6 billion people rely on kerosene to light their world and do not have access to safe and sustainable sources of lighting. Lighting solutions interconnect the world, and without their presence, this world can’t progress. The absence of this powerful, fundamental need has had catastrophic ramifications on our local and global environment. In this ever-changing world, having the absence of lighting not only pushes us back but also impacts our life in several ways.


Things happen! We’ve all been there at least once. You’re at home and one bolt of lightning strikes a little too close and a little too purposefully. Suddenly, everything is dark and quiet.

For too long we have relied on candles and flashlights to power our homes and continue to function in the event of a power outage. Solarpop provides a solution at the ready to keep your home up and running when mother-nature has something to say about the power you rely on. Some disasters are less temporary. Most are fortunate enough that power outages resulting from storms are usually short-lived and resolve themselves. But that’s not always the case. For the areas affected by wars or natural disasters, an effective plan can make all the difference. Light plays an important roles in the rescue work, however sometimes, the re-establishment of the electricity network infrastructure can take several weeks or months, so how to continue the work? Electricity is a basic need and life doesn’t move without this essential element. Well, Solar Pop Lamp is the solution that can be easily and quickly deployed.

About us

You might have heard that sustainable lighting solutions that include a photovoltaic cell and a rechargeable battery are the ideal methods of operation without the cost of emergency lighting. The problem is that current solar-charged lamp solutions are extremely expensive. Moreover they are difficult to manufacture and transport and that makes it unattractive for large-scale deployment. A lot of facilities and corporations avoid these solutions as they are expensive and they need to spend a lot on regular maintenance as well.

This is also the reason that a lot of people rely heavily on dangerous solutions such as kerosene lamps as their primary lighting source, and more than 30% of income is spent on kerosene oil. Developing small-scale, powerful solar solutions will help individuals and families who are spending a lot of their income on toxic solutions. These small-scale solutions will not only help them fulfill their lighting needs, but also save them huge money.

Now you do not have to rely on solutions that top up your wallet with recurrent costs and limited resources. No more wasting your money on expensive components that are difficult to transport.