Illuminate every inch of your life with Inflatable Solar Lights for indoors and out activities. Our portable, packable, hangable lanterns and lights are engineered to brighten up any situation, from an emergency outage to a night in the backcountry.

Portable Solar Light luxiPortable Solar Light luxi



Solarpop Outdoor Portable Solar Light (Powered Lantern) is a multi-utility eco-friendly solar lamp with a great extent of light and super instant charging power. The super compact size of Luxi Outdoor Portable Solar Light (Powered Lantern) is the best gear to carry with you on your next adventure.
Is an excellent 100% water and dust resistant emergency power lamp with a magnificent glow and safe charging competences. The lantern defines the advancement in its working. With its solar panel technology, it turns ON automatically one gets dark and tour OFF automatically on the sunrise.

led hanging lantern lights Solisled hanging lantern lights Solis



Solarpop is a very compact Led Hanging Lantern Lights (solar-powered Lantern) which can be used in any weather condition. It is an innovative, sturdy and well-made handy device! It makes for the perfect lantern for tent-camping or taking on long strolls on our country lane.
Our lantern uses the most advanced technology of solar panel which turns ON the Led Hanging Lantern Lights once it gets dark outside and will switch OFF the lantern when the sunlight comes out in the morning.

solar rechargeable camping lanternsolar rechargeable camping lantern



The Solarpop Rechargeable Camping Lantern is a high-efficiency compact lantern suitable for any outdoor activities, and any circumstance, its innovative and easily open and close system makes it the perfect travel Rechargeable Camping Lantern companion for adventures in the wild, also making cool decoration on your BBQ with the eight colors change configuration or to give you peace of mind knowing it’s close by for emergencies with the SOS flashing configuration.


Solarpop is a very compact solar-powered Lantern which can be used in any weather condition. It is an innovative, sturdy and well-made handy device! It makes for the perfect lantern for tent-camping in case of emergency or donating to people in need.


Solarpop Design is all about providing reliable and sustainable solar innovation to those environmentally conscious consumers who understand the impact of these solutions in their lives, while also providing these remarkable solutions to those who are in need. We pride ourselves on the simplistic beauty and design of our light solution products, emphasizing its use in any variety of situations or milieu. Our powerful solutions offer a new ray of hope, love and passion; we take our business seriously and go above and beyond to offer solutions that meet all your expectations. Our products are designed to bring a change, and we believe that the change happens only when we are serious and passionate about what we do!